20VC: $18BN Market Cap and $1BN in ARR in 8 Years; Samsara | How to Find Product Market Fit Reliably | How to Create a Multi-Product Company | The Pros and Cons of Serial Entrepreneurship with Sanjit Biswas, Co-Founder & CEO @ Samsara

Posted on 8th December 2023 by Harry

Sanjit Biswas is the Co-Founder and CEO @ Samsara, allowing businesses that depend on physical operations to harness Internet of Things (IoT) data. Over the last 8 years, Sanjit has scaled Samsara to $1BN in ARR and a public company with tens of thousands of customers. Before Samsara, Sanjit was the CEO and co-founder of Meraki, one of the most successful networking companies of the past decade. Sanjit grew Meraki from his Ph.D. research into a complete enterprise networking portfolio. Meraki’s sales doubled every year from inception and in 2012, Cisco acquired Meraki for $1.2 billion. Huge thanks to Doug Leone for some fantastic question suggestions pre this episode.

In Today’s Episode With Sanjit Biswas We Discuss:

1. From Founding to $1BN in ARR in 8 Years:

  • What was the founding a-ha moment for Sanjit with Samsara?
  • Sanjit sold his prior company Meraki for $1.2BN, what worked with Meraki that Sanjit took with him to Samsara? What did not work that he left behind?
  • What does Sanjit know now that he wishes he had known when he started Samsara?

2. The Man Who Found Product Market Fit Time and Time Again:

  • What is the one single moment that Sanjit believes you know you have product market fit?
  • What are the biggest mistakes founders make when chasing product market fit?
  • How does being a bootstrapped company change how a company approaches chasing PMF?

3. Mastering a Multi-Product Company:

  • How do you know when it is the right time to launch a second product?
  • Does the second product have to make the first product better?
  • What are the biggest mistakes companies make when going multi-product?

4. The Art of Great CEOship:

  • Does Sanjit believe that the best CEOs are the best capital allocators?
  • What has been the single best and single worst capital allocation decision in Samsara’s journey?
  • What are the biggest mistakes Sanjit has made in leadership? How did he learn and grow from them?

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