20 VC 013: Series A, Spark Labs and The Future of the Asian Tech Market with Frank Meehan

Posted on 20th February 2015 by Harry

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Frank Meehan is Co-Founder and General Partner at Spark Labs Global seed fund where he has invested in 40 companies in the US, UK and Asia. Previously, Frank was part of Horizon Ventures where he represented them on the boards of Siri, Summly and Spotify, just to name a few.

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Horizon Ventures


Youth Digital


In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How Frank made his entry into the technology industry and later the world of venture capital?
  • What Frank would recommend someone who is trying to learn to code?
  • Is coding necessary for a Founder to be successful?
  • What does Frank believe makes the perfect Series A round?
  • How early is too early to invest for Frank?
  • How do VCs compete for the most competitive rounds?
  • What was Frank’s most recent investment and why he said yes?
  • What sector is Frank most excited about and why?
  • When thinking of success, who is the 1st person that comes to Frank’s mind?
  • What Frank learnt from working at Horizon?

We then finish today’s episode with a quick fire round where we hear Frank’s thoughts on the future of the Asian tech market and the hardest decision of Frank’s career.

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