20Growth: The Biggest Lie in Startup Growth and Marketing, Why You Do Not Need To Diversify Customer Acquisition Channels in the Early Days & When and How To Build Your Growth Team with Rob Schutz, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer @ Ro

Posted on 19th January 2022 by hstebbings1

Rob Schutz is Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder at Ro, the healthcare technology company building a patient-centric healthcare system. To date, Ro has raised over $870M with a last reported valuation of $5BN and under Rob’s growth leadership, Ro has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Prior to Ro, Rob was VP of Growth at Bark, the makers of BarkBox, and helped scale revenue from zero to $100 million. He also founded a Washington DC-based daily deals site that was acquired by kgbdeals in 2011.

In Today’s Episode with Rob Schutz You Will Learn:

1.) How Rob made his way into startups and growth through the world of daily deals? How that led to his leading growth for Bark and ultimately founding Ro? How did leading marketing for Bark impact his growth strategy today with Ro?

2.) What is “Growth” and When to Hire For It:

  • How does Rob define “growth and “Head of Growth”?
  • When is the right time to start thinking about a growth team?
  • Should founders hire a “Head of Growth” first or hire younger growth reps?
  • Where should the growth team sit within the organisation?

3.) How to Hire Growth Leader and Reps:

  • What is the step by step process to hire growth leaders and reps?
  • How does it differ when hiring growth leaders vs reps?
  • What questions does Rob always ask? What separates good from great answers?
  • What case studies does Rob like to use to determine candidate quality?
  • How can one tell whether marketeers and growth candidates truly understand data?

4.) How to Structure the Onboarding Process:

  • What does the optimal onboarding process look like for new hires?
  • What tasks and duties do you expect reps and growth leaders to complete in the first month? 
  • What are some early red flags that the candidate you have is not good enough?
  • How can leaders deliberately manufacture moments for growth teams to interact with other teams?
  • What are the biggest mistakes growth teams and leaders make in the early days?

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