20VC: Why More People Should Be Entrepreneurs & How Do you Know When You Are Ready with Matt Clifford @ Entrepreneur First

Posted on 11th May 2016 by Harry
Matt Clifford is co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First, Europe’s leading pre-seed investment programme for founders of deep technology startups. Founded in 2011, EF backs the world’s top technical talent pre-company. EF’s startups have raised over $100m in funding and are breaking ground in artificial intelligence, robotics and infrastructure, among other fields. Outside EF, he is co-founder and non-executive director of Code First Girls and non-executive director of Techfortrade. Before starting EF, Matt worked at McKinsey & Co. as a strategy consultant, and studied at the University of Cambridge and at MIT.
In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How did Matt come to found the world’s top technical talent pre-company programme?

2.)  Should everyone be an entrepreneur? How can a founder determine whether this is the right path for them? Can entrepreneurialism be taught or is it an innate skill within?

3.) What does Matt think of the idea and fear of many founders that they are simply not ready? How do we know when one is ready? What are the signs?

4.) How important is mindset for founders? Matt has previously stated the importance of a growth mindset? What does he mean by this and how does he advise founders to approach this?

5.) What is the most common mistake Matt sees entrepreneurs in EF make? How hoes he help to combat this?

6.) What does the future of work look like? Where will jobs be at this century?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode: 

Matt’s Fave Book: Sapiens (Same as Parker Thompson @ AngelList)

Matt’s Fave Blog: Marginal Revolution

Matt’s Most Recent Investment: Cloud NC, Third Eye

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