20Sales: Why the Founder Should Not Be the One to Create the Sales Playbook, Why You Should Hire a Sales Leader Before Sales Reps & Why You Should Not Hire Sales Leaders From Big Companies with Matt Rosenberg, CRO @ Grammarly

Posted on 4th October 2023 by Harry

Matt Rosenberg is Grammarly’s Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Grammarly Business. He leads all B2B revenue, operations, and growth for Grammarly Business, Grammarly for Education, and Grammarly for Developers. Previously, as CRO of Compass, he took the company into the Fortune 500 and contributed to a more than eightfold increase in business growth. Prior to Compass, Matt served as Eventbrite’s CRO leading them to become the largest event platform in the world by event count.

In Today’s Episode with Matt Rosenberg We Discuss:

1. From Miserable Lawyer to World Beating Sales Leader:

  • How did Matt make the transition from lawyer to sales leader?
  • What does Matt know now that he wishes he had known when he started in sales?
  • What are Matt’s biggest pieces of advice for anyone who wants to make a career change and is lacking confidence?

2. The Playbook and Hiring The Team:

  • How does Matt define the “sales playbook”?
  • Should the founder be the one to create and execute V1 of the playbook?
  • Should the first sales hire be a rep or a sales leader?
  • When is the right time to make that all-important first sales hire?

3. Discounting, Champions and Urgency:

  • What can sales team do to create urgency in deal cycles? What works? What does not?
  • How does Matt approach discounting? When to do it vs when not to? What level is acceptable?
  • What are the biggest secrets to creating champions within prospects?
  • Why does Matt believe that deals are won and lost in prospecting?

4. Developing Great Sales Talent:

  • How does Matt use sales call recordings to train teams? What is his 3×3 matrix for coaching calls?
  • What is a good reason to lose a deal vs a bad reason? How does Matt do deal reviews?
  • What are the single biggest elements sales leaders can do to nurture sales talent?
  • What are the biggest mistakes sales leaders make when developing talent internally?

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