20VC: Bending Spoons: The Most Untold Success Story in Startups: Lessons Scaling to 500M Downloads, $360M in Reported 2023 Sales and a $2.55BN Valuation… Bootstrapped with Luca Ferrari, Co-Founder and CEO @Bending Spoons

Posted on 15th March 2024 by Harry

Luca Ferrari is Co-Founder and CEO of Bending Spoons, one of the most incredible but untold success stories in startups. Luca and the team have scaled Bending Spoons to 100M monthly active users and $380M in sales in 2023. The company’s products include Evernote, Meetup, Remini, and Splice and their products have now been downloaded more than 500M times.

In Today’s Episode with Luca Ferrari We Discuss:

  1. From McKinsey Associate to $2BN Founder
  • What was Luca like as a child? How would his parents have described him?
  • Why did Luca share his McKinsey salary with his co-founders?
  • What were Luca’s biggest lessons from his failed startup?
  1. Bootstrapping Bending Spoons 
  • Why did Luca decide to bootstrap Bending Spoons?
  • What does Luca think about the EU vs. US startup environment?
  • Why did Luca kill a $7M project? What were his lessons?
  • How did Luca pick his investors?
  1. How to Find the Best Talent
  • What are the 3 key traits Luca looks for when picking the best talent?
  • Why does Luca think traditional interview strategies do not work?
  • What tests does Luca conduct for each candidate?
  • What were Luca’s biggest hiring mistakes?
  1. Mastering Acquisition & Growth
  • How does Luca determine which products to acquire? How does he identify signals?
  • How does Luca approach pricing assets? How does he win every bid?
  • What are Luca’s biggest lessons from acquiring Evernote?
  • What key lessons on risk management does Luca wish he’d known 10 years ago?
  • What are Luca’s biggest challenges on user acquisition?

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