20VC: Why The Best Entrepreneurs Are Cockroaches, What Everyone Underestimates About Customer Acquisition & What You Don’t But Need To Know About Payback Periods with Josh Buckley, Founder & Chairman @ Mino Games

Posted on 25th November 2019 by Harry

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Josh Buckley manages a $50m early-stage fund and as an angel has built a portfolio that includes the likes of Clearbit (Chairman), Rippling, Boom Supersonic, Lattice, Embark and many more incredible companies. Josh is also the Founder & Chairman @ Mino Games, the gaming studio he scaled to $20m in annual revenue and raising $40m in funding for the company.



In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How did Josh make his way into the world of startups at the age of just 15? How did that lead to becoming the youngest YC founder ever?

2.) What does Josh mean when he says, “the best entrepreneurs are cockroaches”? How does Josh think about capital efficiency today? Does Josh agree with Bill Gurley in stating the biggest challenge today is “the oversupply of capital”? How does Josh advise his portfolio today on raising big rounds? Capital efficiency? Burn rates?

3.) As both a fund manager and founder, what have been some of Josh’s biggest takeaways from now investing in 100+ companies as an angel? How has investing impacted Josh’s operating mentality? What are the benefits of angel investing? What are the potential dangers? What advice would Josh give to founders entering the world of angel investing?

4.) What are the biggest elements people underestimate when it comes to CAC? What have been Josh’s biggest lessons on the volatility of CAC over time? How are we seeing the platforms evolve and develop their tech and pricing? How important is channel diversity to Josh? What is balanced? What is not? What have been Josh’s biggest lessons when it comes to payback period and it changing over time?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

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