20VC: Why Great Companies are Defined by How Many Things They Say No To, Why Being First Does Not Matter & Why Market Over Traction or Team is the Most Important Thing with Guillermo Rauch, Founder & CEO @ Vercel

Posted on 6th October 2023 by Harry

Guillermo Rauch is the Founder and CEO @ Vercel, giving developers the frameworks, workflows, and infrastructure to build a faster, more personalized Web. To date, Guillermo has raised $312M from Accel, Bedrock, Greenoaks, GV and more. Prior to founding Vercel, Guillermo co-founded LearnBoost and Cloudup where he served the company as CTO through its acquisition by Automattic in 2013.

In Today’s Episode with Guillermo Rauch We Discuss:

1. From Argentina to SF: The Boy Making Money Online:

  • How did Guillermo first get into computers and start making money online?
  • Does Guillermo still believe the US and SF offers the same opportunities it did when he came?
  • Did Guillermo feel the weight of responsibility of providing for his family at a young age?

2. Timing, Markets and Narrative Violations:

  • Why does Guillermo believe it does not matter being first but being right?
  • Why does Guillermo believe the most important thing for a company is market selection?
  • Why does Guillermo believe it is crucial that founders and companies have “narrative violations”?

3. The Future of AI:

  • What model will win in the future; open or closed?
  • Where does the value accrue; startups or incumbents?
  • How will the SaaS business model change in a world of AI?

4. Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Angel You Did Not Know:

  • What are some of Guillermo’s biggest lessons from angel investing?
  • What is his single biggest miss? How has it changed how he thinks?
  • What have been his biggest hits? How did they impact how he thinks about what it takes to win?

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