20 VC 044: Dominating AngelList Syndicates with Doug Scott

Posted on 11th June 2015 by Harry



Doug Scott has one of the largest AngelList syndicates, now with an incredible £396,000 in his. Doug is one of first investors in Techstars, Ignite.io and Entrepreneurs First in Europe ( still an investor in all 3 ). Prior to angel investing Doug founded several internet companies based in the UK, carrentals.co.uk – over 1 million rentals, discountvouchers.co.uk – 6 million subscribers, timetobreak.com – over 5 milion page views per day.

In today’s discussion Harry and delves into what Doug really expects from founders, how Doug would like to be pitched by prospective startups, is AngelList challenging the VC model, what investors and startups can expect from Doug’s syndicate, his biggest tip to an aspiring entrepreneur and much more…

Items Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Doug’s AngelList SyndicateGil Dibner’s AngelList Syndicate, Tim Jackson AngelList Syndicate

Oxygen Accelerator, Jon Bradford, Springboard

Cashkaro, Meals, Lifebox, Chew

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