Harry Stebbings

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What can you expect from The Twenty Minute VC?

Hi! Harry Stebbings here, Founder and Host of TheTwentyMinuteVC, where I interview today’s most successful and inspiring venture capitalists, delving inside the funding game all in an easily digestible twenty minutes.

Our mission is to inspire and guide you, the listener, with the insight and advice garnered from VCs who have achieved incredible success.

At TheTwentyMinuteVC we believe you should never let your aspirations be discredited, success can be part of every journey. That’s why the first section of the show is always surrounding success and inspirational people who have achieved unbelievable triumphs.

The second story we like to address is the history behind every VC. The why? Why did you get into the VC game? What was it that attracted you to the industry? Then we discuss the steps to follow to get a job in the venture capital industry.

The grand finale of the show will be set aside as THE QUICKFIRE ROUND, where I say 3 statements and the guest must provide their immediate thoughts, providing genuine and honest responses that can be acted on by you, the listener.


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At the end of the day, it’s about inspiring you. This could be through advising you of the best strategies to get your startup funded, or to inform you of the most effective ways of entering into the world of Venture Capital. We know that by learning from the most successful people in the industry you can begin your own journey.


TheTwentyMinuteVC has featured Venture Capitalists such as Guy Kawasaki, Brad Feld, Jason Calacanis, James Altucher and Mike Seibel, just to name a few.

My Journey

I may be an entrepreneur now, but I haven’t always been one.

Here is a little background on how I came up with the idea to launch a twice weekly podcast devoted exclusively to venture capital, and also how I am directing all of my passion and enthusiasm in reaching TheTwentyMinuteVC’s goal of inspiring the next generation of Founders and VCs.

My introduction to Podcasts

It all started through a chap named Spencer Constanzo. I had taken his course on Udemy on how to make a best selling Kindle book and on one of his videos he recommended ‘Pat Flynn’s: The Smart Passive Income’.

I quickly found that Pat was offering some amazing advice to aspiring entrepreneurs on all aspects of life and business. However, my real passion lay in startup funding, I soon discovered that there were no podcasts exclusively committed to the Venture Capital industry and those that did cover it were lengthy to say the least, 1hr 15mins at the minimum (a time far exceeding my commute!!!). That led me to think, why is there not a podcast which only interviews venture capitalists and why is it not short and snappy getting straight to the point, avoiding all the unnecessary thank you’s and promotions! My AH-HA moment!

It was at that time, TheTwentyMinuteVC was born.